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A rotodynamic pump with one single shaft that requires two mechanical seals, this pump uses an open-type axial impeller. It is often called a Poseidon pump, and can be described as a cross between an axial compressor and a centrifugal pump.
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More meanings of pump. air pump Beta. fuel pump Beta. heat pump Beta. pump room Beta. See all meanings. pump something into something. pump up someone. pump sth in. pump sth out. pump sth up. pump out sth. pump sb up.
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Compare Dutch pompen, German pumpen, and Danish pompe. pump plural pumps. A device for moving or compressing a liquid or gas. This pump can deliver 100 gallons of water per minute. An instance of the action of a pump; one stroke of a pump; any action similar to pumping.
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See all media. centrifugal pump sump pump gear pump hydraulic ram pump electromagnetic pump Show more. See all related content. Read a brief summary of this topic. pump, a device that expends energy in order to raise, transport, or compress fluids.
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Middle English pumpe, pompe; akin to Middle Low German pumpe pump, Middle Dutch pompe. Learn More About pump. Post the Definition of pump to Facebook Share the Definition of pump on Twitter Time Traveler for pump. The first known use of pump was in the 15th century.
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